Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Trash, Therefore I Exist

I was at the SOS Music Festival last weekend at the Chinese Garden, and maaan, I gotta tell ya, we are incorrigible.

First of all, we really have a talent for messing up good things. I mean, seriously, I attended the first SOS Music Festival that was held in September if I remember correctly, and it was great.
Organization was good, sponsors were doing a good job, music was nice, and the crowd was having a good time.

But we had to go screw it up...

Organizers got a little cocky i guess... as a lot of things just didnt make sense.
For instance, they decided to move the entrance, instead of building it at the passageway leading into the garden, they built it right in the middle of plants. So people going in had to walk all over the plants, ruining them. Not to mention tripping over them.

Walking in, i felt like i was walking into a big garbage dump. Not a single trash can in sight, and the grass is covered in trash; food remains, plastic bags, sandwich wrapping paper, cans, plastic water bottles...

Having to work that day, i havent had a thing to eat. And knowing from previous experience that there are many caterers and fast food joints set up there, i didnt worry.
Big mistake. apparently, one restaurant insisted on taking an exclusive deal on catering. You'd think they'd have multiple boothes dispersed all over the place, to serve this huge crowd.
Wrong again. One booth, serving a crowd of over 15000 people. I was fishing for old sweets and gum in my handbag to ease the hunger wrenching my tummy.
Mind you, i'd rather starve than stand in endless line where people push and shove and cut in in front of you. And my bad luck always insures that there's a stinky guy standing right in front of me.
Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather starve.

Then the hosts. Oh the hosts.
Someone came up with the idea that they needed to have someone introduce the bands. Fine. So they got a couple of - supposedly - famous TV hosts, to introduce each band and entertain people while the bands are setting up their instruments.

Oh boy... I'd wished i had a shotgun in my hand, one that'll make a big messy wound, and splatter blood all over. That's how funny they were.

And the cigarette sponsors... The whole world is banning tobacco advertising, and smoking. And we're still dressing up girls in sequine and tight jeans, with trays loaded with cigarettes for sale.
Our youth's health is ruined enough as it is with pollution and shisha, do we have to do our best to completely destroy it!?

Ok, i'm a little mean. A tad harsh, i give you that. Definitely not the nicest person in the world.

But we really do have a knack for killing a good thing. It wouldnt hurt if we preserve our good ideas and focus on offering them the best possible way, instead of getting greedy and ambitious, and expanding beyond our means and capabilities.


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