Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Watching the World Cup online "FREE"

I'm not really a soccer fan but I decided since the local cable/sat broadcaster is charging a hefty ransom of $150 just to take a look at what's going in the world's cup (which was previously around $20), and definitely because I'm not the type that likes to be black-mailed into paying up for services, I fired up my browser and went for the online hunt using google for a shotgun; here is what I found. www.sopcast.org offers a P2P TV program for free download which lets you linkup to one of many listed channels who were setup by other people using their home modest links; the whole genius idea is that when anyone decides to share a channel on sopcast, they don't really need to have a huge upstream link to the internet, all they need is enough BandWidth for one or two connections max, how? Well it works just like bittorrent, emule...Etc. You the watcher connect to a mesh of people and you get pieces of the stream from each computer throughout the mesh and when that is done you get a complete stream, the greater the number of people who connect to one another in the mesh, the faster things get, and the better stream quality(everyone is a receiver and a broadcaster at the same time). It's a fairly new concept but its definitely kick ass. Another choice I found based on the same Principal is PPStream
which I didn't get a chance to try but read some good feedback on. The busiest the better from my point, so whatever the app is, the number of people using it is what actually should drive your decision making.


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