Monday, June 26, 2006

Eating Juice & Drinking cookies

Today on the drive to work from Mohandesine over to Masr-El-Gedida the traffic sucked beyond the normal, which is of course weird....I'm used to a certain level of "suckiness" that I believe is on the threshold of acceptable...Forget the daily dose of traffic crap.....Now on both sides of the road you could see a long black line of uniform policemen stretched along a really huge distance (a couple of thousand at least); I see them on my way every now and then whenever the president decides to go for a ride anywhere, so the sight of them wasn't of any interest; what really grabbed my attention were the juice , and the cookie packs, each recruit held one in each hand and stood there with his back facing the street, eating their cookies, having a sip every now and then; knowing the way things work here, they probably had a couple die from heat strokes, and decided to get creative, next was the inception of the juice/cookies idea. Hold on one sec here please, its a toasty 37C degrees out there today, and its one of the highest polluted cities in the world, you have someone dressed in black, dehydrated, unarmed, busy eating/drinking, oh and they really don't look like they give a crap about what happens in the street; anyone ever wondered why the hell do that in the first place? What use would it serve to have a couple thousand of them stretched along side the road every now and then whenever "HE" decides to go on a ride.


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